From the ancient land of Turkey..

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The name of the Republic of Turkey rose during the twenty-first century and man- aged to become in the ranks of the Great Powers. Turkey’s impact expanded between different countries in the world. Turkey now is a mixture of heritage and civilization, progress and modernity. This was the venue for all important areas of life, and from which the Sultanchef Restau- rant launched. Sultanchef specializes in the art of barbecue meat and types of Turkish luxury.



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Steakhouse restaurants are known as anAmerican or Brazilian invention. How-ever, many of the Turkish chefs – who aretalented and distinguished gourmets inluxurious meat – insisted that Turkey isdistinctive in the way of offering grilledmeat and it had a great success. It is thatwhat is making Sultanchef special.Sultanchef restaurant focus on three mainthings: Good selection of meat from vealand beef the pastures of Turkey. Specialpreparations for the meat and the artisticchipping. Serving luxurious meat whichhas been prepared specially for each visitor.


Luxury meat..

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Sultanchef depends on choosing the best pieces of meat from the calf and sheep in the pasture Turkish or international. At Sultan Shiv criteria and standards can not be waived when selecting any piece of meat. The quality of the pasture, the color and the smell of the meat and the way slaughtered and preserved. We make sure of all these aspects ourselves and more in order to ensure our visitors the finest meat. This is what specialize the Chefs at Sultanchef.


Experience the art of barbecue..

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A Fine piece of meat may spoil if it’s not cooked properly. With an experience from the best restaurants in Istanbul, our chefs can provide the best meat experi- ence to our visitors. Starting from the preparation then the grilling over char- coal, and then presented in a distinctive display for visitors. Sultanchef has a unique way in the presentation of the dishes. We do not offer all the dishes at once, but one dish after another, so that each dish has its own taste and distinctive- ness on the table.


Numbers are speaking

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The first branch of Sultanchef is opened at July 2014 in alTijaria Tower – Kuwait city. Sultanchef restaurant achieved an unprec- edented number of visitors to any new restaurant opens in the region, since it opened, no less than 500 visitors come to the restaurant in daily bases. The tables of the restaurant, which extend to 350 square meters, are only free for few min- utes before its occupied with another guest. The number of those who follow the pages of the restaurant on the social networking sites rose up to thirteen thou- sand followers during a very brief period. Some elite social figures spoke about the restaurant along with well-known blogs that covers all aspects of life like fashion and sport news and food ..etc


Vision and Ambition

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We achieve our ambition despite all the difficulties and obstacles. The vision of “the best barbecue restaurant in the Ara- bian Gulf region” will be achieved in the next five years, within two years we will see in Kuwait in various upscale neighbor- hoods and places distinct branches of the Sultanchef offering the finest meat. In order to achieve such vision of expansion we rely on sharing our success along with the effective partnership with each region or tower or headquarters to be adopted for a branch of Sultanchef.